Dear My wannabe best friend , It’s Over Between Us and I’m Going To Stop Chasing You Now

All I ever wanted was a best friend of my choice who can understand me. Yes, you are gone. I won’t see you anymore. I won’t run into you anymore. I won’t go to your academic blocks to see you, anymore. I won't bunk classes and free myself to meet you, anymore. I won’t make... Continue Reading →


What if LIFE is a DREAM and when you DIE, you WAKE UP ?!

"Sometimes the memory of someone is better than the reality of them."   Here comes the reality check. If you find the above lines to be true, there is an unambiguous chance that you are in love with that someone. How intriguing it is to have someone like this in your life? Yes! I have... Continue Reading →

The lost words.

Everyday be the same. I asked myself, do i get to see her today. The answering version of me is is so frustrated that I started to yell at me for asking her out pretty much every time. Be it yesterday today or tomorrow I'm the one who roams around the university campus searching for... Continue Reading →

Shallow but Deep.

Peeps, I have been badly infected by insomania recently. The bad news is that the google search results for symptoms of Insomania came out to be positive. Since I'm awake for more hours than you people at night doesn't make me a Batman. Rather, I'm more of a Harley Quinn who trips on Joker. The... Continue Reading →

A mellow monday.

It all started with a bang in my head. My project review at two and im here waking up at one with zero preparation for it. With one hour to prepare I did all I could to make it a success. Indeed it was a success. The boring part ends here ! Moving on to... Continue Reading →

A week long wait. 

Yeah. I have to wait for a week to interact with her again. I brought this upon me. The funny part is that I blocked her on whatsapp but for a good cause I would say. I don't think she knows. But most importantly, I dont think she cares.  Here goes the synopsis of my... Continue Reading →

Dedicated to my dear lilliput, There are these little voices in your head, no matter what you do; It takes over you. The night was same as it has ever been; I was wrong, she taught me with a glance of those mysterious eyes; Those little voices have already taken me over. Lust, my mind... Continue Reading →

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