A mellow monday.

It all started with a bang in my head. My project review at two and im here waking up at one with zero preparation for it. With one hour to prepare I did all I could to make it a success. Indeed it was a success. The boring part ends here ! Moving on to... Continue Reading →


A week long wait. 

Yeah. I have to wait for a week to interact with her again. I brought this upon me. The funny part is that I blocked her on whatsapp but for a good cause I would say. I don't think she knows. But most importantly, I dont think she cares.  Here goes the synopsis of my... Continue Reading →

Dedicated to my dear lilliput, There are these little voices in your head, no matter what you do; It takes over you. The night was same as it has ever been; I was wrong, she taught me with a glance of those mysterious eyes; Those little voices have already taken me over. Lust, my mind... Continue Reading →

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