Dedicated to my dear lilliput,

There are these little voices in your head, no matter what you do;
It takes over you.
The night was same as it has ever been;
I was wrong, she taught me with a glance of those mysterious eyes;
Those little voices have already taken me over.
Lust, my mind said; but love is the call by my beat box.
It was one beautiful soul; Am I worthy, I asked myself.
There started those sleepless nights;
I demanded a truce to make it right.
I called her she; she has those chrome eyes and a skin as pale as ghosts; who likes ghosts? I like, from then on.
Even the petals of rose were jealous of her lips,
They cant compete, the rose knows;
Falling at her toes, giving up the pride!
She has those little little feet;
Deserving those petty petty kisses;
Is she a lilliputian? Maybe she is a fantasy;
A fantasy worth waiting the life;
All in, I Go
She has the tone of music;
That I phoned to listen everytime, lingering upon the ringer, Aprising myself about the possibility of a denial;
I cant cope denial I know, But that high was worth the pain;
Now you know who she is;
Thou the music keeps me mesmerised for thy tone;
You sang me a song in a moving bus,
That echoes my ear until the end of days!
I wanted to synchronise with thy soul, fancying to know more about it, but in vain;
Something was wrong, I know!
She feared balloons, the music of its eternal rest scared her, maybe;
The world looked paused, when her finger combs up those silky hair;
I’m no falsifier.
I wanted to know more about that soul, I know i would go to moon and back earth for it;
What worse can happen, I thought;
Determined to pursue that beautiful soul, I saw a change in my sole purpose of life.
I was in for a huge catastrophe, I didn’t know;
Her heart was already stolen, You didn’t know ?
Then came a whisper through those pink lips, Aye was the call;
My beat box lost its rhythm;
Can you cope this riddance, I asked myself;
Aye was my call!
There came the doses of razbliuto, tripping me into other dimension of love;
The purest form, maybe;
The one that outweighs physical pleasure;
The one that is more than love;
The one that lasts forever;
That one is friendship;
I wanted that soul to be my boon companion, a best buddy, a special friend; Praying to the immortals about the former, I wished my heart for a victory over my mind.

– The one who wants to know you more.


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