A week long wait. 

Yeah. I have to wait for a week to interact with her again. I brought this upon me. The funny part is that I blocked her on whatsapp but for a good cause I would say. I don’t think she knows. But most importantly, I dont think she cares. 

Here goes the synopsis of my so called good cause, the whole week is filled with internal exams in our university and she is one of the active participant i would say. But myself?, I don’t have a job to do during this week as I’m pretty much done with my so called internal exam in my earlier days. To be precise, I’m in a senior year of my course and she is younger to me. So, its me who is gonna disturb her and she hates that. Therefore a decision must be made to save her from me. Hence the blocking.

I developed the habit of checking her profile often for online. Hoping to receive a text from her whenever I find her available. But it always ended in vain. So, its me who always text her first no matter what. Maybe this looks kinda freaky but, I always wanted to know about her.

‘Know about her’ has a different meaning in my context! Here is the little exaggeration of ‘know about her’,

Deeper than what’s on the surface. Deeper than her favourite food, music and colours. What makes her brain tick and heart skip beats. The way she thinks about the world. What makes her soul glow and so on..

The real motto of my good cause is that I won’t find her online because I freaking blocked her. So as I said earlier because of this I won’t develop the thought of  receiving a text or call from her. Also I can practice to control my urge to talk with her for a week long period which is really necessary !

But deep down if you ask me, I really miss her on my week long wait.

Learning to cope up – Day 4

3 more day to go.


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