A mellow monday.

It all started with a bang in my head. My project review at two and im here waking up at one with zero preparation for it. With one hour to prepare I did all I could to make it a success. Indeed it was a success. The boring part ends here !

Moving on to the good cause that I didnt talk to her for a week long time ended today. I’m gonna see her in the evening  to see how much I missed those voice and herself. What else could make you more happy to see the women you love.

The sun started going down and I asked her ‘where are you?’, she was at a place 5 minutes away from me. I desperately wanted to see her but I wanted her to wait for me a little longer. So, I walked like a snail. The reason is simple, its more fun to see someone you love getting angry and that too in a funny way. Maybe that happened and I got a text ! Here it goes,

“Come                                                            Fast                                                                    Jaldi aaaa                                                                   -_-                                                                             Kitna time lagega                                                    ??                                                                                Such a slow walker.                                                I have been waiting here for 400 years.”

Isn’t it cute and funny at the same time ?!, I smiled to myself and saw her standing at my eye sight all dressed up traditional. She has fulfilled my wish! There came the doses of adrenaline, Dopamine and serotonin and also maybe a few doses of oxytocin hitting me like a truck as I lose track of my surrounding gazing at her badly wanting to say a Hi, the entire world looks paused except her. That evening made me so happy after a long time. The moments with her can’t be written in words. You just have to feel it through me!

We talked about a lot of stuff. You must understand the fact that she is funny and cute in whatever she does. Needless to say, she is hot too.

It was so random that she notices my mobile getting stuck in a song by Ed sheeran. The song read ‘shape of you’ but I’m not gonna talk about this song. Rather, she liked a different one in the same album that goes by the name ‘castle on the hill’. 

Yeah. That was one crazy song. After listening to it, I thought of ‘7 years’ the cover by Lukas Graham. The funny part is that even she got reminded of 7years  when she listened to castle on the hills. That was one crazy moment !

Maybe she has a same music taste as me or it’s a mere coincidence. Whatever may come, but this monday deserves to be in writing.


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